krav maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system used by the Israeli armed forces and security services. Originally based on wrestling and boxing, Krav Maga has incorporated other martial arts as it evolved over decades since the Israeli war for Independence. Krav Maga uses your natural movements and reflexes to allow you to quickly learn to defend yourself. Come train with us using a self-defense method that is proven, easy to learn and ferocious.

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Weekly Krav Maga Classes

Join us throughout the week for Krav Maga classes where you will run through scenarios to prepare you to defend yourself from an attack. Our mixed level classes (open to everyone) will cycle through basic to advanced techniques, while our beginner Krav Maga classes focus on the fundamentals. Advanced classes let you take your self-defense techniques to the next level. Come train with us using a method that is simple, fierce and direct.

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10-Session Rapid React Program

Do you think you need to study self-defense for years before you can handle a threat? Think again. With our Rapid React program, we’ll put you through a crash course of in-the-basic skills of self-defense and get you up to speed. The class meets twice a week for 5 weeks, but you will also have access to all of our Krav Maga classes for extra training. Will you leave this class ready to get in a cage match? No. Will the person who attacks you regret that decision? Definitely. Come find out how quickly you can learn to bring the pain.

Womens Krav Maga

Rock Solid has developed a self-defense program exclusively for women and teenage girls.  With foundations in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this class focuses on typical attacks and scenarios frequently faced by women and girls. The class of students is limited to females, but instructors and guest “assailants” are mostly men.  You will ease into the training but quickly build your skills and then test yourself against people who are bigger and stronger than you.  Like all of our instruction, Rock Solid pays attention to the mind and body, and modifying your mindset to prevent panic will be emphasized in these classes.

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Weekly Women’s Class

Join Rock Solid for our regularly scheduled Women’s classes, which take place twice each week. We will cycle through a series of techniques to help you fend off an attack and then escape. You will learn to strike, escape choke holds, and keep your cool when someone has you pinned on your back. You will learn to defend yourself against assailants armed with knives and guns. More than anything, you will gain the confidence to actively defend yourself when someone tries to attack you.


Quarterly Women’s Seminars

Join Rock Solid for one of our quarterly seminars to introduce women and teen girls to our entire female-focused Krav Maga curriculum. Over the course of four hours, we will run you through the physical techniques and mental skills that form the foundation of our women’s self-defense program.

Stick and Knife Fighting

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For some people, empty hands are not enough. Three years ago, Rock Solid Krav Maga added Knife & Stick fighting to our class offering.  Based in the Filipino martial arts of Kali and Escrima, our Knife & Stick class will introduce you the principles of these eastern arts, which grew organically as the people of the Philippines craftily absorbed traditions from multiple invaders to develop their own, devastating fighting style.



Come join our weekly boxing class, which puts you through the fundamentals of an American pastime. Students will learn punching, blocking, footwork and combinations. Those who are experienced enough will be allowed to spar with each other. As a solo class, it is an excellent workout. If you are looking to round out your self-defense experience, it will hone your skills.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Rock Solid Krav Maga offers a weekly class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). This very popular martial art and sport has exploded in popularity over the past 2 decades, and it is one of the dominant features of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. Based on grappling and ground fighting, BJJ relies on locks and choke holds to neutralize an opponent. BJJ is fun, challenging, and it opens your mind by forcing you to work on multiple pathways to victory. From a self-defense standpoint, as a well-known BJJ black belt has said, “It inoculates you to the terror of having someone grinding on you and trying to smash you.”