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At the root of our training is the core understanding that when trouble happens, you need to act quickly and ferociously. We don't need to step back. We finish and move on. 

At Rock Solid Krav Maga, our instructors and students only want to elevate your abilities. Our instructors have universally adopted the Israeli spirit of Krav Maga. Simple. Direct. Open To Change.

Regardless of your experience or fitness level, come as you are. Rock Solid Krav Maga is an excellent place for beginners, and a challenging place for experienced practitioners. 



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Rock Solid offers a range of classes to teach you to defend yourself and escape dangerous situations. Using Krav Maga as our foundation, you will feel comfortable pushing your limits in realistic training scenarios, where we train your body and your mind for the worst.



Rock Solid Krav Maga offers a series of one day seminars for women and Law Enforcement Officers.

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Rock Solid Krav Maga offers fitness and wellness classes to train your body and mind without actually training in self-defense. Whether it is morning boot camp, FightFit, or our weekly yoga class, you can find an outlet to get fit and improve improve yourself.

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FPrivate Training and Custom Programs

Our instructors are available for private lessons, whether for individuals or small groups. We can also do in-service programs for your business or organization. Contact us to hear more about how we can tailor our curriculum to your needs.


Call 973-837-1122 or email us at to register today.


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Dean GalLuccio


Dean Galluccio is a retired law enforcement officer and a lifelong practitioner of fighting arts.

In 2013 Dean opened New Jersey Predator Wrestling & Hybrid Martial Arts, which in 2017 became Rock Solid Krav Maga. Dean has combined his experiences as a law enforcement officer in New Jersey with his Krav Maga training to create the Rock Solid self-defense curriculum.

Along the way, he added the experiences of other instructors and students and expanded the curriculum to include critical components of ground fighting. Over time, Dean honed in on a series of vital techniques thahomedt make up our Rapid React program, the most comprehensive, short-order self-defense program available.

Dean believes strongly in an intense but very open approach to self-defense training. At Rock Solid, under Dean’s guidance, we provide a realistic training experience and encourage students to “follow what works,” ask a lot of questions and make suggestions.

Dean has been practicing Krav Maga since 2004, primarily training under Tony Racciatti of Krav Maga New Jersey, and earning an instructor’s certification in 2007 form Krav Maga master instructor Rohn Mizrahi of Krav Maga Federation in NYC. Dean has also attended seminars by Grandmasters Haim Zut and Eyal Yanilov of Israel. As a law enforcement officer, he executed thousands of arrests while serving as a detective and as a K-9 handler, and has received training in counter-terrorism, active shooters, emergency medical response. Dean has received citations and commendations from both the state of New Jersey and Essex County for his law enforcement service.

Dean also has martial arts training in Kenpo, Karate and Kung Fu, as well as certifications from the New Jersey State Police Training Commission in Method of Instruction, physical fitness training and Defense Tactics.

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Josh has been training in Krav Maga for over 15 years.  Josh originally trained under Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in NYC, and eventually made his way to NJ to train briefly under Tony Racciatti and then full-time under Head Instructor Dean Galluccio.  In addition to Krav Maga, Josh also trained in Kenpo Karate under Sensei Francisco Vigoroux of Chile. 

In 2013, Josh completed the instructor course under Dean Galluccio, and shortly afterward pioneered a 6-week women’s self-defense program.  The program has since developed into a standing class that meets twice a week.

Josh believes strongly in Krav Maga’s use of basic and natural movements to aid students in progressing quickly.  He is also devoted to Krav Maga’s “anything goes” mentality that is essential for survival.  As Josh likes to say, “My Krav Maga skills made me ready to protect myself, but when I feel threatened, I fall back on my willingness to do anything to survive.”

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Bob’s fitness classes are hugely popular for 3 reasons:

He creates an unfiltered and super-motivational class environment where participants know they’re part of a supportive team and a community. No one gets left behind, regardless of where they each are in their fitness journey.

In Bob’s class you laugh, you sweat, you work harder and have more fun exercising than you ever have before.

People of all shapes and sizes leave his class as better, stronger, more confident versions of their former selves.

Bob is a passionate and powerful teacher because he knows first-hand that a commitment to your own health and happiness can change everything. So while his music may be loud and he may surprise you with his (occasionally inappropriate) humor, Bob cares deeply about his people, and it shows. When he’s not leading group fitness classes, Bob has a 23-year career in law enforcement, is a former Marine tank commander, and is a dad to two daughters.

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You’ll have to see Big Mike to believe it. Come get the Big Mike Experience when he runs our Krav Maga Fundamentals class.  Mike has been training under Master Instructor Dean Galluccio for four years.  Before that he swallowed nails and chewed up glass in between rounds of bear wrestling.